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M3 Disposable Plastic Ccell Carts Wholesale

Wholesale plastic ccell carts at a competitive price. The M3 plastic disposable ccell carts is one-time use and plastic clear round/flat tip.

  • Ceramic Cell Technology
  • Fit for all ego/510 batteries
  • Plastic Oil Housing
  • No glue




Intake Size



Plastic round/flat tip


Ceramic Cell-Ccell Technology


510 standard thread

M3 Disposable Plastic Ccell Carts Wholesale

The Ccell technology which means ceramic cell, not the brand “CCELL”.

The M3 cartridge is a disposable ccell carts with flat/round clear tip. Coming with four 2.0mm intakes, it is a better option for thick thc oil. It has 10.5mm diameter and standard 510 thread, works well with ccell M3 battery.

Specs of  M3 ccell cartridge

Materials: Brass+Plastic tube

Cartridge Capacity: 0.5ml/1.0ml

Cell Resistance: 1.4ohm

Mouthpiece Type: Plastic Tip(flat/round)

Dimension:0.5ml-Φ10.5×57.5mm, 1.0ml-Φ10.5×67.5mm

Intake Holes: 4*2.0mm oil holes, best for thick oil

Shipping Methods

We offer DHL/UPS express and Air express shipping, DHL/UPS will take 4-5 days and Air express will cost 7-10 days.

After-sale Service

All your orders like CBD cartridges, batteries, and disposable pens are guaranteed. If any quality issues, we will send you replacements

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